The Tleilaxu Music Machine

The Tleilaxu Music Machine ::: Black Hole Induced Vacation (Tleilaxucore 2012)

black hole vortex space stars magic colors infinite unknown time travel


released May 16th, 2012 by TLEILAXUCORE

Available for free / donation at Bandcamp. The original files uploaded are 24bit / 96000hz wavs. The compression used by bandcamp for the streaming audio quite noticeably lessens the sound quality & makes the volume go all crazy… downloading is highly recommended.


Black hole vortex beats straight from another dimension! According to science, black holes produce the deepest bass notes in the universe ( So don’t forget to turn yr bass up! ^ ^ ^ ^

1. A Strange Adventure
2. Black Hole Induced Vacation
3. Serene Energy Bubble

Tleilaxucore Black & White Vinyl Sticker Art

black white sticker images by d bene tleilax

white black sticker images by d bene tleilax

These are high quality professionally produced black & white weather-proof vinyl art stickers. The sizes are either 4.25″ x 2.75″ or 2.75″ x 2.25″ and not all designs are displayed.

15 stickers grab bag style, shipping included:

US: $5

Non-US: $7.50


For manufacturing I use Contagious Graphics, as they are the cheapest & best for B/W vinyl stickers that I’ve found. If you’re looking to order your own stickers, I highly recommend them. And if you do order some, do me a favor and put “TLEILAXUCORE” in the referral section and they’ll hook me up with some free stickers!


Also check out some awesome mixed media artwork based on characters from these stickers!

“Tleilaxu’s Garden” – A physical 3d rendering of Tleilaxucore sticker art

The artist Kelsie Gygi used characters found in my sticker art as inspiration and produced her own unique interpretation of what sort of world these creatures might manifest in. The photos are by her as well. Too freakin cool!

tleilaxu's garden by kelsie gygi fishrib flau spiders infinity bug flowers birds nest head eggs

yellow spider beads & ribbon in mouth above nest of head eggs

red winged brown bodied infinity bug

two infinity bugs

spotted mottled head eggs in bird's nest

flower head in flower bed

flau flower with roots & hanging star above

fishrib skeletal worm creature

tleilaxu's garden stone nameplate

Here is her materials list :::

paper mache
modeling clay
birds nest
fake pearls
craft paper
acrylic paint
fake flowers
TONS of superglue

“Dr. Moll Program” — Revolutionary Health and Nutritional Advice from the Industry’s Leading Expert

Dr. Moll Program zine cover - revolutionary health & nutritional advice

“Dr. Moll Program” is an intentionally humorous derangement of a pop weight loss and anti-aging booklet constructed by hijacking and re-presenting the original content. The text is readily accessible for all levels of readers, and packed from cover to cover with valuable insights and nutritional advice derived from the extensive experience of the mysterious Dr. Moll. As stated on the back cover, “THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE”. You don’t have forever so you’d best start learning immediately.

Created by D. Bene Tleilax some years ago while working at a corporate drugstore, it is now in print as a 32 page b/w quarter-page photocopied zine, the first release of Tleilaxucore Publishing.

$2.00 (includes shipping).

Purchase via PayPal

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