The Tleilaxu Music Machine

The Tleilaxu Music Machine : : : Show Flyers from 2012

right/control click “view image” for actual size

weird scary grinning face dude

colorful squares and rectangles techno flyer

pukey pastel colors metal thorned pukathon antler creature vomiting

scary super long twisty neck asian lady leaning over frightened reclining man woodcut style
pink purple neon symmetrical eels

blue lazer light grey n black back

aggressive psychedelic skull grinning with crown of thorns rose eyeball on its head

psychedelic blue fractal snowflakes

dionesian thyrsus torch new age party music 3

The Tleilaxu Music Machine ::: Live Photos of 2011 ! ! !

110101 new year’s day at mime school by amy darling ::

110117 pehrspace by sean carnage

by mikey wally

110507 @ the smell by cassie larussa

110521 judgment day @ little joy by amy darling

110613 @ beauty is pain hollywood by amy darling

by daniel yates

111029 halloween @ ag lago by alex skramble

by mikey wally

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