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Show Flyers from 2011
2012/02/01, 18:17
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psychedelic uncle sam pointing can you pass the acid test multicolor patterns and backgrounds

school assignment teacher comments critique scribbled drawings on notebook paper skull & bones booze party
above flyer by D. Bene Tleilax

digital gooey watery liquidy background heart organ

multicolor drawings of naked tribal party people
hearts all over girl kissing muscle-face

crumpled paper give noise a chance beatles cutout drawn on

lineup written on slimy sludgy keyboard mouth with teeth yelling the address

judgment day a bunch of preachers religious people and raptor jesus

woman with three tits naked bent over

you are entering the trippy zone

black with white text

animated inversion of colors pretty beach scene sun palm trees changes to dead icy black
above flyer is animated, click to see

crazed toxic green unicorns eye falling out vomiting guts
grim serious looking girl in a hoodie drawn with charcoal aesthetic next to outline of body with crosses in torso

sexy girl in bikini taking her pants off inside a hypodermic needle

neon space robot creature futuristic writing

2008 TTMM live pictures

Select live photos from 2008 (& late 2007)

081201 @ Pehrspace pic by Sean Carnage

playin dem keys

081029 @ Coma Space, photos by XDUGEF

corset goth floored wasted sundress flowers lying on the ground

gothy old school trent reznor lookin dbt singing

080822 @ Anderson Street Warehouse, photo by Concrete Cookie

lying screaming on the floor again headless

080712 The Smell

photos by Wild Don Lewis

black white gothic singing blurry

industrial goggles computer crowd

photo by Stacy of Campaign for Care

bare chest sharpie circles black yellow tights yelling at crowd

080620 Echo Curio, photos by Raven Servellon

strange colors performing

close up action show

punk pants oxygen8 midi keyboard bowling shoes

080409 International Noise Conference @ The Smell, photo by BJones

colorful dbt dress tights screaming on the ground

080223 Monkey Bucket’s Hella Tronic Mojo @ The Cocaine

Photos in this animation by Alyssa Tucker (click to view)

blue red flashing dbt keys singing screaming dancing animation

Photos by BJones

crowd surfing dinosaur photo from stage

low angle backlit keyboard playing leaning over

071110 Ravesploitationfest at The Smell, photos by Monkey Bucket

dbt jumping mic swing

key bang hair flying

crowd dbt spin

Event Flyers from 2010

some shows did not have flyers / this is not a complete list

silver city falling rubies

light pastels melted cassettes head angular text
(i imagine this was made purposefully difficult to read)

native american artifacts collage old cemetary nature skies
above flyer by D. Bene Tleilax

charles manson hippy riding flying fish with squid

jason masks jim smith marijuana leaf yogurt berries brian leprechaun hat

cassette tape record player

black white collage rockets space planets moon astronauts symbols
above flyer by D. Bene Tleilax

yummy colorful food dish great tasting show delicious bands

the emotron glasses face distorted by rubber bands

black white oil tower santa barbara

weird creature triangles shapes alien scratches

yellow background girl pulling panda bear in a wagon

i played even tho i’m not on the flyer

2009 TTMM Show Flyers

Not all performances had flyers / this is an incomplete listing.

the performers hanging out on and around barn doing funny weird things
Click flyer to see animated version

screenprinted burlap canvas material world map anthropological exhibition

pretty colored tropical flowers green trees plants
flyer by D. Bene Tleilax

crazy drawings color chaos

green fountain shooting into pool

animated pastel colors valentines day hearts secret flashing skull
(read a review from this show)

classical paintings cherubs collage classic car woman

Show flyers from 2008 & prior

Not all shows had flyers / this is an incomplete listing


trippy drawings melty skeletal people gun house

droid six year anniversary interface 23 floating images

light blue highlighted stock ticker letters

animated view of downtown los angeles from rooftop
animated flyer by D. Bene Tleilax (click image to see animation)

dirty street wall textures

animated pink green secret rick astley background image bring yr own whatever
animated flyer by D. Bene Tleilax (click to view animation)

international noise conference sweaty naked man with elephant trunk into microphone

so simple isla vista tour biko garage

monkey bucket wearing fez looking at dinosaur

woodpecker mom feeding babies in tree

animated electro oscilloscope flashing computer screen
animated flyer – click image to see animation


asian girl with cute dust mask swine flu medical masks

warrior versus multiheaded dragon time warp ravesploitation fest


sol art space cat keyboard

thee dung mummy gaian mind hop-frog

The New Age Party Music of D. Bene Tleilax — Interview by Sean Carnage

Originally posted on Sean Carnage’s blog July 31st, 2010


D. Bene Tleilax’s The Tleilaxu Music Machine is one of those groups that, man, if it doesn’t make you go nuts and get happy you’ve got a really cold and boring heart. D. Bene’s music is way progressive which is the inspiring part—the man can write symphonies AND techno epics AND remix others’ songs. It’s electronica yeah but really it’s just him. D. Bene’s the music. And when you listen you are the music.

I caught up with D. Bene earlier this week and he laid it all out for me:

How old are you and where do you live?
27 years old, I live in and around L.A….in my car!

How would you describe your music to a stranger?
I have completely different sets of music depending on which scene I am performing in, which is to me an important aspect of what I do. But in general as good a description as any would be taking all the following and pulling 4 or so randomly out of a hat :: experimental electro rave screamo hardcore IDM gothic baroque noise psychedelic grind industrial dubstep cabaret

Describe your music-making role—are you primarily a composer, performer, instrumentalist, or…?
I’m pretty into being a composer, I’m compelled the most by the concept of a distinct created work. I’m secondarily a performer…since I make a lot of electronic music that is often difficult or impossible to really perform live as an instrumentalist, at very least by myself, it’s not that big of a thing. Also that’s not the point of my performances. Performance to me is helping to get people to appreciate the music together as a community. The computer is like my orchestra, I notate everything and it plays the majority of it while I dance, scream, bang on a MIDI controller or push people around.

Where are you originally from? Was music a part of your upbringing?
I grew up in Orange County, home-schooled til 7th grade by fundamentalist christians who were super restrictive about things “of the world”, such as music. I wasn’t even allowed to listen to christian radio! But I had Nintendo when I was a kid and I would make tape recordings of video game music and listen to that all the time…then in high school my parents slowly lessened their grip and I got into hardcore, DIY indie shit, and rave music and started going to tons of shows…and fancy that, here we are!

Who are three music influences that you keep returning to time and again?
I will always be influenced by old school indie emo & hardcore stuff, I love the rawness and potency of that sort of personal expression. Glitchy IDM & technical electronic music has a permanent place in my brain, I love machine music. And finally if I could say LA music in general as an influence, that is something that constantly informs what I do. I’m really into finding out what’s happening in local music communities and using that as an inspiration, since I’m into so much shit it helps give me direction sometimes.

What was the first music you remember spending a lot of time making?
At the very beginning, all my musical endeavors were about making straight up noise as weird as possible specifically for the purpose of taking psychedelics and listening to it. That’s pretty much all I did for a while!

Imagine that you are giving a tour to someone from out of town. Quite magically, everyone you might want to see is playing at your favorite venues here in L.A. What bands/venues or experiences would you take your visitor to?
I’m really weird like this, but honestly I don’t have favorite bands that I go more crazy about than others…there’s a lot of people worth seeing in LA. I’d just take them to whatever cool was going on at the time, and there is almost always something worth going to. Places like Pehrspace and Women are really cool and always have good shit going on in a fun environment, Cozy Castle and McWorld were fun while they lasted, Echo Curio, HM157, also I’d take em to whatever cool underground electronic parties were going on…I call them “post-raves”, they’re often at different random one-off type spots. The CIA in NoHo just to check out the decor, some warehouse art parties.

What’s a song you wish you had written and why?
I’m pretty stoked on the way things happen of their own accord, I love other people’s music because they do it in ways that I never would. Sometimes I wish I had as much skill and vision as other artists to apply to my own creativity, but that’s about as far as that goes.

If you have any projects you want to make folks aware of, please share.
Currently I’m working on a what I hope to be a series of party events which smoothly combines performers from the straight up tronix scene with the more electronically oriented peeps from “band” scenes… a bit of party cross-pollenation. It’s called “New Age Party Music”. That’s kinda my main project besides my ever-present music whatever.

Diamond Eyed Coyote (2010 Tleilaxucore)

Released on October 11th, 2010.

Digital : you set the price, zero or include a tip if you’re feeling gracious :

Badass, future million dollar collectible hand constructed physical version (by mail, shipping included) :

US : $7.50

Non-US : $10.00

@ shows : $5

The album download includes 7 main tracks plus 2 bonus songs. As many probably know a few of these tracks have been floating around on the internet for a while. On this album are the new & improved mixes that nobody anywhere has heard until now. Also included are the full size front/back cover art files, and the black & white “insert” sheet of lyrics & art.

The physical copies consist of CDRs decorated with paint pens in a glossy full color cd jacket hand-sewn together on the sides, with a double-sided b/w photocopied insert (also with the bonus tracks).

Streaming may sound a little demented on Bandcamp from the lofi quality of mp3 they use for it. It can also be streamed from which may be better:


1. You Onto Somethin
2. I Never Know
3. Bizzy
4. Hey Cliché
5. Amziguous
6. Clicks Into Place
7. Diamond Eyed Coyote
(8) Might Not Be Around
(9) Compartmentalized

Remixes by The Tleilaxu Music Machine : Foot Village, Twin Peaks, Ennio Morricone, Realicide & more

Band/composer – Album/film/show – Track
Year remixed (not necessarily release date)


andras ten swords witchy glitchy dark hollowed out person superimposed over ocean landscape

▲NDRΛSTen of Swords (single)Ten of Swords (The Tleilaxu Music Machine’s Lovely Upheaval mix)



audrey horne flashing neon forest trippy trance

Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks Soundtrack – Audrey’s Dance

The Tleilaxu Music Machine – Audrey’s Trance

(((soundcloud DLs are out, download from

The above image is an animated gif…click on it to view the animation. Or better yet, go view the gif & listen to the track from THIS TUMBLR POST i created for it!! It’ll look much better while you listen!


chi l'ha vista morire film poster hand knife dead bloody woman next to the canal

Ennio Morricone – Chi L’ha Vista Morire (1972 Italian Giallo film) – Theme

The Tleilaxu Music Machine – I Saw Her Die


amir coyle la finale angel fluff

Amir Coyle – La Finale – La Finale (TTMM’s Gloomy Getaway mix)

In this remix I sampled & recontextualized pieces of the entire album, as opposed to just one song from it.


los angeles lottery league pool balls logo

This is a remix / medley of 12 different bands into one 3:15 track and it gets its own page to describe the context and concept ::: The L.A. Lottery League 2011 Mushup


th' mole dead unicorn baseball bat chrome kids logo

Th’ MoleBeating a Dead UnicornI Love Unicorns (The Tleilaxu Music Machine’s supersick mix)



naked tribal hipsters in the desert dancing missile lightning wizard attack

Foot VillageAnti-Magic – Grace’s Death (cassette version with Fortress of Amplitude)
2009 – This is actually a guest appearance, not a remix. My contribution consisted of spastically editing and sequencing their original drum recordings, so it’s a bit like a brief chaotic remix contained within an actual version of the song.


The MonolatorsDon’t Dance (TTMM’s Flavor of the Week mix)


Crooked Cowboy & the Freshwater Indians – Sally (TTMM’s Gypsy Charm mix)


punx don't get disillusioned anarchy heart fist punch i care because you don't free bastard gabber

RealicideEnduring the Viral Hell Part 2 – I’m Not a Fucking DJ (TTMM’s poser industrial deejayicide mix)


romak & the space pirates vyncent flaw 8-bit dot matrix colorful keyboards space invader

RoMak & the Space Pirates – Never Gonna Say What’s UpI Can’t Find A Place To Park (TTMM’s I Can Haz HHXC mix)


star plant crops field picnic blanket sleeping alice girls

CindergardenThe ULM RemixesSad Eye Doll (Spindlemix by TTMM)


blue tones girl outline powerlines bird tower

AntiquarkSkydancerNuklear Suicide (Blue Mix by TTMM)

L.A. Lottery League 2011 Mushup

Los Angeles Lottery League 2011

::: MARCH 2011 :::

The L.A. Lottery League (LALL) is a new music project which functions by mixing up a bunch of musicians from numerous bands in the scene, and forming new groups with members that had never before collaborated–click the link for a more in depth explanation of history and process. 12 new bands were created, all of which debuted at the LALL show which occurred February 26th, 2011.

Sean Carnage had the idea to create a sort of remix / medley out of all the bands combined, a concept derived from the early 80s brief disco pop sensation Stars on 45, as well as a humorous parody of the dance medley format called “Classical Mudley” by Portsmouth Sinfonia.

I thought it was a great idea, and using the above as inspiration I cut a piece from each band and mushed them up into a single 3 minute 15 second long track. Half of the bands had provided studio recordings, the other half I sampled straight from youtube footage of the bands performing. The result is a fun, wacky vision of what is perhaps a strange underlying realm of creative possibility within a certain segment of the DIY band scene in LA.

In order of appearance in the mushup :::

1. lottery curse
2. P.O.P
3. midieval babes
4. bro hammer
5. big whuddups
6. no no jammers
7. fooly cooly
8. first you were there, now you are here
9. purebreeds don’t bite [simultaneous]
10. double double [simultaneous]
11. magii
12. fubbx+fn

Visit SEANCARNAGE.COM to hear more from each of the bands.

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