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VIDEO MIXTAPE – D. Bene Tleilax’s guide to gettin yr party on, New Age style


We’re living in a crazy new info-soaked technological era and ya gotta get schizo to keep up with all the ways to get down. Shit’s comin at ya hard from all angles, waiting for YOU to figure out how to rock it. It’s evolution baby! Ferment yr brain in a smoothie blended up from all these jams and you’ll be cruisin into the new age with some mad fresh style.

Use this playlist link for non-stop viewing in order!

(note: the last video is no longer on youtube, view the file directly via the individual link below)


Stacs of Stamina ft. Ears – Roll
did i mention how important it is to be gangsta?

LFO – Freak
these girls have some ish to school you on.

I Am Spoonbender – Replaced By Toys
open your head and process the data

Caramell – Caramelldansen
they say it best themselves…”listen and learn, it is time for prancing”. word.

Delta 9 – From Darkness
dark and hardcore… just like LIFE yo.

Animosity – The Black Page
brutality and shredding is pivotal.

La Roux – Bulletproof
don’t ever forget that you’re a digital girl in a digital world

Jamie Lidell – Daddy’s Car
the integration of disparate styles y’all.

Captain Ahab – U Want Me
irony ended recently so it’s ok to like emotional stuff again.

Naboa – Snares
if you can’t dance, try having a seizure–it’ll work just as well

Now git on out there & rage it!!!!


This post originally appeared at SEANCARNAGE.COM on October 9th, 2010

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