The Tleilaxu Music Machine

The Tleilaxu Music Machine ::: Black Hole Induced Vacation (Tleilaxucore 2012)

black hole vortex space stars magic colors infinite unknown time travel


released May 16th, 2012 by TLEILAXUCORE

Available for free / donation at Bandcamp. The original files uploaded are 24bit / 96000hz wavs. The compression used by bandcamp for the streaming audio quite noticeably lessens the sound quality & makes the volume go all crazy… downloading is highly recommended.


Black hole vortex beats straight from another dimension! According to science, black holes produce the deepest bass notes in the universe ( So don’t forget to turn yr bass up! ^ ^ ^ ^

1. A Strange Adventure
2. Black Hole Induced Vacation
3. Serene Energy Bubble

2008 TTMM live pictures

Select live photos from 2008 (& late 2007)

081201 @ Pehrspace pic by Sean Carnage

playin dem keys

081029 @ Coma Space, photos by XDUGEF

corset goth floored wasted sundress flowers lying on the ground

gothy old school trent reznor lookin dbt singing

080822 @ Anderson Street Warehouse, photo by Concrete Cookie

lying screaming on the floor again headless

080712 The Smell

photos by Wild Don Lewis

black white gothic singing blurry

industrial goggles computer crowd

photo by Stacy of Campaign for Care

bare chest sharpie circles black yellow tights yelling at crowd

080620 Echo Curio, photos by Raven Servellon

strange colors performing

close up action show

punk pants oxygen8 midi keyboard bowling shoes

080409 International Noise Conference @ The Smell, photo by BJones

colorful dbt dress tights screaming on the ground

080223 Monkey Bucket’s Hella Tronic Mojo @ The Cocaine

Photos in this animation by Alyssa Tucker (click to view)

blue red flashing dbt keys singing screaming dancing animation

Photos by BJones

crowd surfing dinosaur photo from stage

low angle backlit keyboard playing leaning over

071110 Ravesploitationfest at The Smell, photos by Monkey Bucket

dbt jumping mic swing

key bang hair flying

crowd dbt spin

LA Weekly feature on TTMM & (Indie) Gabber / Rave hardcore

LA Weekly – June 18th, 2008 : Gabber Gabber Hey! – Subgenre Resurfaces in LA
by Liz Ohanesian

“A set from the Tleilaxu Music Machine begins as many electronic performances do, with a boy and his laptop working together to create the midtempo electro dance sound of now. But within a few minutes, D. Bene Tleilax will shift gears, drastically increasing the tempo until it reaches a point where the groove disappears and is replaced by the repetitive pound of a distorted kick drum. He will find the zone here, when dancing in the conventional sense becomes impossible, and the 25-year-old from Orange County will begin to bounce frantically, his dreadlocked hair flying in his face while his bracelet-covered arms punch air. The crowd feeds off of this, moving more like a mosh pit than a dance floor, coming close to imitating a scene from a rave in the 1990s, when techno aggression morphed into what became known as hardcore, or gabber……” (continued on website)

Also included in the article are Eustachian, Sean Carnage, and Jonathan Snipes of Captain Ahab.

The New Age Party Music of D. Bene Tleilax — Interview by Sean Carnage

Originally posted on Sean Carnage’s blog July 31st, 2010


D. Bene Tleilax’s The Tleilaxu Music Machine is one of those groups that, man, if it doesn’t make you go nuts and get happy you’ve got a really cold and boring heart. D. Bene’s music is way progressive which is the inspiring part—the man can write symphonies AND techno epics AND remix others’ songs. It’s electronica yeah but really it’s just him. D. Bene’s the music. And when you listen you are the music.

I caught up with D. Bene earlier this week and he laid it all out for me:

How old are you and where do you live?
27 years old, I live in and around L.A….in my car!

How would you describe your music to a stranger?
I have completely different sets of music depending on which scene I am performing in, which is to me an important aspect of what I do. But in general as good a description as any would be taking all the following and pulling 4 or so randomly out of a hat :: experimental electro rave screamo hardcore IDM gothic baroque noise psychedelic grind industrial dubstep cabaret

Describe your music-making role—are you primarily a composer, performer, instrumentalist, or…?
I’m pretty into being a composer, I’m compelled the most by the concept of a distinct created work. I’m secondarily a performer…since I make a lot of electronic music that is often difficult or impossible to really perform live as an instrumentalist, at very least by myself, it’s not that big of a thing. Also that’s not the point of my performances. Performance to me is helping to get people to appreciate the music together as a community. The computer is like my orchestra, I notate everything and it plays the majority of it while I dance, scream, bang on a MIDI controller or push people around.

Where are you originally from? Was music a part of your upbringing?
I grew up in Orange County, home-schooled til 7th grade by fundamentalist christians who were super restrictive about things “of the world”, such as music. I wasn’t even allowed to listen to christian radio! But I had Nintendo when I was a kid and I would make tape recordings of video game music and listen to that all the time…then in high school my parents slowly lessened their grip and I got into hardcore, DIY indie shit, and rave music and started going to tons of shows…and fancy that, here we are!

Who are three music influences that you keep returning to time and again?
I will always be influenced by old school indie emo & hardcore stuff, I love the rawness and potency of that sort of personal expression. Glitchy IDM & technical electronic music has a permanent place in my brain, I love machine music. And finally if I could say LA music in general as an influence, that is something that constantly informs what I do. I’m really into finding out what’s happening in local music communities and using that as an inspiration, since I’m into so much shit it helps give me direction sometimes.

What was the first music you remember spending a lot of time making?
At the very beginning, all my musical endeavors were about making straight up noise as weird as possible specifically for the purpose of taking psychedelics and listening to it. That’s pretty much all I did for a while!

Imagine that you are giving a tour to someone from out of town. Quite magically, everyone you might want to see is playing at your favorite venues here in L.A. What bands/venues or experiences would you take your visitor to?
I’m really weird like this, but honestly I don’t have favorite bands that I go more crazy about than others…there’s a lot of people worth seeing in LA. I’d just take them to whatever cool was going on at the time, and there is almost always something worth going to. Places like Pehrspace and Women are really cool and always have good shit going on in a fun environment, Cozy Castle and McWorld were fun while they lasted, Echo Curio, HM157, also I’d take em to whatever cool underground electronic parties were going on…I call them “post-raves”, they’re often at different random one-off type spots. The CIA in NoHo just to check out the decor, some warehouse art parties.

What’s a song you wish you had written and why?
I’m pretty stoked on the way things happen of their own accord, I love other people’s music because they do it in ways that I never would. Sometimes I wish I had as much skill and vision as other artists to apply to my own creativity, but that’s about as far as that goes.

If you have any projects you want to make folks aware of, please share.
Currently I’m working on a what I hope to be a series of party events which smoothly combines performers from the straight up tronix scene with the more electronically oriented peeps from “band” scenes… a bit of party cross-pollenation. It’s called “New Age Party Music”. That’s kinda my main project besides my ever-present music whatever.

Schizobeat Mixtape – DJ Set for So Simple Radio broadcast Dec 7th/8th

Stream it here (mixcloud)

Download it here (mediafire)

DJ set mixed together using FOOBAR & WINAMP! Total cross-genre unpredictable weirdness. Fun times! This is the 1st actual party dj set i did………..traditionally i’ve predominantly been a producer per4mer ;;;;;;))))) Original broadcast of the So Simple Radio episode on Dec 7th/8th 2010 can be found here.

i like shit where there’s a ton of switchups. it keeps people on their toes and tests their ability to adapt to a bunch of changes while keeping it all still within the realm of party music–stuff inspired by and/or experimenting with shit you can get down to at a proper party.

a lot of this particular mix is definitely lo-fi. some of the tracks could for sure be produced & mixed better for soundsystems, but it generally reflects the way i feel about mixing shit up genre-wise. the schizo approach encourages variety and adaptability while precluding a scene from becoming super stagnant, as one will if it is based on only one particular vibe or style, for ex: all dubstep, all hardcore, all breakcore, all electro… if a style (of mixes, parties, productions, etc) is cultivated which can include ANY type of party music, the whole thing is wide open, and creativity will flourish…….


1. trustfundkilla – sugar coated demon arise
2. gizmode – sincethecrackstep
3. sakura pups – WHATTHEFUCK!?!?You Destroyed My Track…Fuck You, Timbaland, You’re FIRED!!!
4. djcrabhat – can you make a hipster beat
5. sick to the back teeth – Staggering Around With Eyes Crossed
6. pygmy guru – existence cylindrical
7. pygmy guru – you are frogger
8. silas ciarán – a pretty little ditty
9. silencide – sirba
10. retrigger – mean a swing
11. sleepers – eating raoul
12. owl challenger – kaleidoscopic hiccups
13. stallio / th’ mole – a spell to kill dancefloors
14. eustachian – my name is roar roar
15. whourkr – freugz
16. terbo ted – thrashifier
17. divag – damn chip
18. fishwod – ooh what a life
19. vernon lenoir – brazilicon alley

TTMM appearances on compilations — Deathbomb Arc, Robo! Robotica, MachineKUNT, & More

This is a not quite complete listing of all the compilations I’ve contributed to. There are some that I have either forgotten, or can’t find info about online and any physical copies once in my possession were redistributed.


The Necessity of…Wildness – 2011

man ripping open stomach guts

1. Any Of My Names – In RED Dress In This Darkness
2. Narcotik Egocitric Shildra – Ego
3. Realicide – City Of Poison
4. The Art Of Seppuku – You Will Die
5. Unborn Son Of EBE – Schizophrenia (2K10 Reedit)
6. Mrt – Unproportionned
7. Le Malinard – Turbules
8. Lil’ Penis – I’m A Grown Fucking Man
9. DJ Immolation – All You Pukes Are Gonna Die
10. Mass Hypnotized – Rather The Life
11. El Vir – J’aime Le Bouger
12. Imil – The Musical Equivalent Of Perfection
13. Circuitsmasher – Dark Tech
14. The Tleilaxu Music Machine – Universal Implications
15. JeRe РBloqu̩ Au 8eme
16. Jenova 7 – 17 In The 7th Sector


QuinceañeraFlaccid Plastic – 2011

Quinceañera piñata kid bat people

1. Temp Sound Solutions – I’m Back
2. GMC – Censiosa
3. Massive Junk – Noisefest ’08 [excerpt]
4. tooth-eye – dirk-a-durr, quinn’s a fag
5. Selective Seretonin Reuptake Inhibitor – Mike Tyson
6. A Beautiful Lotus – Softly
7. Noodle Legs – Intr. Ego [Slowed+Throwed]
8. The Tleilaxu Music Machine – On Different Levels
9. Mstr Cylndr; Super Solenoid – Vundar Kity
10. Evil Robot Ted – Blackout [Shit]
11. Peppermint Pony – gCode
12. GMC – Made in Taiwan
13. Space Munchkin – Grand Theft Mario
14. BUL!M!ATRON – Peaktime
15. Loop Trooper – Source


Sanity Is Slavery disc 3 (not yet released) – MachineKUNT – 201X?

pills wheelchair text cutup images medical

1. Hate in the Box – Bloody Ballerina
2. Lip Service – Model Actress Whatever (Nerwrak mix)
3. Produkt – Decay
4. Malfaktor – The Seed
5. Autoclav1.1 – Walk On Empty (Rydal mix)
6. Vernian Process – Unhallowed Metropolis
7. Daniel Cox ft. Wei – Lost in Translation
8. The Tleilaxu Music Machine – Bizzy
9. Amber Codon – Violet (Hole cover)
10. Protea – Anansi
11. Cyranoid – The Polygon
12. Apocalypse Vacant – Behind Fiction
13. Sabotage – God is Dead
14. Catherine Elms – Not Sorry
15. JuL!e D:stroy – Ladie’s Night
16. Strangelette – Send in the Klowns


Spring Cleaning Music Vol. 1Robo! Robotica – 2010

crazy weird alien monster creature weilding guitar screaming neon psychedelic colors taylor shechet katie broad

1. pigeon cadaver – finsternis
2. tooth eye – you cant destroy my dred
3. the tleilaxu music machine – i never know
4. echelon high – panzerfaust
5. bubblegum octopus – meat choir
6. 50 ways to kill me – put me on a rollercoaster but dont buckle the harness
7. annoying ringtone – blood on the dancefloor
8. yatagarasu – uninsured
9. les trucs – waiting for my superheroskills to come out
10. the gatotkaca – sweetnightmare
11. angels of suicide – who is equalized
12. gigantic brain – i’ve burned through my frame of mind
13. xrin arms & p-wrecks – dick veinz
14. praytor – the breakcore scene is shit
15. kindergarten hazing ritual – you only have freedom of speech
16. wet dreams – punk rock stud
17. a beautiful lotus – life in 140 or less
18. [tlr] – never ender (ESStraxtion mix III)
19. they all had tentacles – matsumoras blade of infinate
20. flaming toast – danger
21. johan ess feat. rachel haywire – three postulates of worship
22. melted cassettes – your heads the ball
23. iamdeadsmiles58 – 58 57 56
24. dental work – chorizo rehab snitch carnitas
25. kessenchu – if yer son cant kill then kill yer son
26. sakura pups – im too lazy too title this
27. badgermeat – whats your contribution
28. i killed techno – lets disco
29. off white pegasus – walrus slaughterer RMX
30. hangoverdosis – II


Cybernetic NetherworldInsidious Clothing – 2010

digital mayhem goth metal girl rainbow neon cables wires

1. Johan Ess :: Real Gib
2. Whourkr :: Freugz
3. Deemster :: Fry
4. The Tleilaxu Music Machine :: Devil Fodder (Metalstep Mix)
5. Baseck :: Muck
6. 2HCvsUO :: Coricidin Driveby Dialogue
7. Disfiguring the Goddess :: Teeth of Emulation
8. Toykult :: Automatic Addict
9. DJ Skull Vomit :: Tales of Grugela
10. Cindergarden :: Playthings
11. Rabbit Junk :: From the Stars
12. Bubblegum Octopus :: Digidock
13. [tlr] :: Be Who You Are (Bauhaus Mix)
14. The Illuminist :: The Arsonist


Fuck Your Speakers! (disc 3) – Trashfuck Records / Torn Flesh – 2010

scratchy writing computer speakers weird person

01. SDSA – Midnite Snack (Live @ Radius Recordings 6-16-09)
02. Serious Skin Connection – Runnin’ With NBA Baseball
03. Severe Metastasis – brutally decapitated murderer
04. Sick To The Back Teeth – Broken Teeth And Helpless
05. Silas Ciarán – A Pretty Little Ditty
06. Silas Ciarán – Vous Aimez Seulement les Lumires de la Ville
07. SK028 – Page Two, What Is That?
08. Sleepers – …came the Hum, Beneath the Porch Swing
09. Sleepers – Eating Raoul
10. Sleepers – Rest for Wolf & the Here
11. Sleepers – Says He Saw a Light on the Mustachioed Moon
12. Sleepers & RedSK – Part IV
13. Swine Flu – Coughy Cup
14. Synesthetic Burst – Vultures 01
15. TGBFKAP – Song 15
16. The Dropships Are Coming – Robot Mad!
17. The Dropships Are Coming – That Girl In My Head
18. The Dropships Are Coming & Sakura Pups – GET OFF MY SHIP!
19. The Market Murder – Subprime Mortgage
20. The Rew-mi-ref-rots – Fifpjiz III-56
21. The Tleilaxu Music Machine – Reproduxion as Resource Management; Brainwashed Goodwill
22. tooth_eye – im a fuckin posuer dk bitch
23. Violence Cotton Drone – Walls Of Abraham
24. Watabou – Fuck
25. What The Fork?!?! – Bada-Mutha-Fuckin’-Bing, Dick Munching Cum Bucket
26. xahcX – SHEM
27. Yellow Paint Eater – Untitled II
28. Yellow Paint Eater – Untitled
29. ZaThuRa – Drag the Lake!
30. teh soup rebellion – Metanoia (Rest In Pieces RMX By RedSK)


Christmasasaurus Vol. 4 – 2009

demented rudolph reindeer floating present santa crucified arms emerging from broken egg dylan sparrow

1 Scissor Shock – Jingle Bells
2 Kindergarten Hazing Ritual – Ding Fries Are Done (Don’t Go To Sleep Before The King)
3 I Killed Techno! – An 8-bit Christmas
4 A Beautiful Lotus – Holly Jolly Christmas
5 Colors Killing Numbers – Frosty The Snowman (With Sexual Desire)
6 Serious Skin Connection – Adolescent Percussionist
7 White Guys Jumping – Silent Night
8 Kamakaze Kitten – Island Of Misfit Toys (Rudolph)
9 Tooth Eye – All I Got For Xmas Was This Shitty Breakcore Track…….
10 Melted Cassettes – Chrome Violence
11 Zathura – DECK THE HALLS! – Zathura Mix
12 Peppermint Pony – Green[s]Leaves [Program To Repeat Forever]
13 [tlr] – Dreidel Rave (Feat. Microphone Mic)
14 Active Knowledge – Last Christmas
15 Sakura Pups – I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
16 Giggle The Ozone – Silent Night
17 Shonkinite Kitten – Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy
18 Charlieboy – Silent Night
19 The Tleilaxu Music Machine – Dub Of The Sugar Plum Tleilax
20 Butterfly Daughter – Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
21 Tortoiseshell Male – No X-Mas For John Quays
22 Three-Brained Robot, The – CHESTNUTS ROASTING
23 Bubblegum Octopus – We/3/Kings
24 Watabou – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen


Spooky Sounds & Violent ScreamsRobo! Robotica – 2009

evil clown digital halloween comp

01. the tleilaxu music machine – devil fodder
02. 50 ways to kills me – carve my head into a jack-o-lantern
03. scissor shock – proud of white blood cells
04. megaten – this is just filler for the next track
05. xrin arms – agitation ornament
06. dental work – hallowqueen
07. melted cassettes – werewolf woman
08. i killed techno – night of the freaks
09. bubblegum octopus – the meat and the marrow
10. grim kirby – embers innovative series
11. a beautiful lotus – lollipops and bubblegum
12. homocide – fagblasters from uranus
13. phantom balls – triumphant rock music
14. dingle – the king of zulu
15. bill shatnerrr – you wouldn’t think this was so shit if you were actually any good at it
16. breakdancing ronald reagan – there he goes
17. they all had tentacles – dismemberment of our humanoid god figure
18. redSK vs. teh soup rebellion – Halloween 2009


Christmasasaurus: Volume 3 – 2008

dinosaur santa robots glitchy art ehafh

01. charlie boy – have yourself a merry little christmas
02. blazar – christmas time (don’t let the bells end)
03. tortoiseshell male – christmas eulogy
04. bubblegum octopus – santa claus is coming to town
05. computeHer – we wish you a micro xmas
06. dylan sparrow – rudolph the red nosed reindeer
07. alien tax invader – the ballad of rosemary clooney
08. white guys jumping – winter wonderland
09. i killed techno – dont open till christmas day
10. strangelette – carol of cosmic bells
11. kamakazee kitten – little breakcore boy
12. a beautiful lotus – blue christmas
13. tjam triforce – happy christmas
14. kindergarten hazing ritual – i’m sorry you got your new years kiss from anna nicoles corpse
15. 8 bit weapon – ave maria
16. bukkake hotlines – deck the halls
17. quintron – silent night
18. peppermint pony – gloria in excelsis deo
19. they all had tentacles – an untitled christmas song
20. the tleilaxu music machine – new years for the tleilax
21. petroleum jelly – it came upon a midnight clear
22. the toilet – im dreaming of a brown christmas
23. ate bit – oh ganja tree
24. The Bethlehem Redemption Orchestra – The Meaning Of Christmas


DBA Tape Club Year FourDeathbomb Arc – 2008

abstract digital collage diamonds artwork

This wasn’t exactly a compilation per se, but it sort of was… just in a long drawn out more novel way. A new split cassette for every month of 2008 was sent out with an 8 – 10 minute track from one artist on each side. Mine was a split with Novasak.

1. John Thill
2. Slicing Grandpa
3. Lucky Dragons
4. Whitman
5. Big Nurse
6. Zenrootin
7. A++ (member of Foot Village)
8. Monsturo
9. Married in Berdichev
10. IE
11. Novasak
12. The Tleilaxu Music Machine – Contraxion Storm
13. Placenta Popeye
14. The White Tiger Prepade
15. Tent City
16. Pipeline Alpha
17. The Ten Thousand Dollar Tattoo (ex-Minnetonka, ex-Transitional)
18. Blastocyst
19. Teeth Collection
20. 16 Bitch Pile-Up
21. Jason Forrest (aka DJ Donna Summer)
22. Reverse Roboverse
23. Crank Sturgeon
24. Hawnay Troof

Unattainable – Nemotek – 2007

baby inside heart womb unattainable artwork nemotek

1.Sonic Death Rabbit
2.Dr. Klaw
5.Toxic Lipstick
6.Producer Snafu
7.The Tleilaxu Music Machine – Differences
8.El Borracho Muerto Zoke
9.White Trash Firecracker
10.Dante’s Disco Inferno
11.The Feline Chinstrap
12.Chork The Jangler aKa Meatsock
13.Dr. Butcher M.D.
14.Invisible Robots
17.DJ Seppuku
23.Dread Mechanic


MinorityMinor Label – 2006

minority cd minor label germany

Tracklisting :::

01 orchha – ran of kutch
02 0rion sleeps
03 k.o.t – t.o.k (reflex 11)
04 triPhaze – nebelboote
05 sound_00 – dub_autoplate_2
06 lxc – studendenfutter (oh zwei)
07 mr.x & mr.t – feldforschung
08 floppy – miii
09 tlic – onyan
10 ps stamps back – failure
11 jakin boaz – dister
12 the tleilaxu music machine – expectorant
13 myna – brochas
14 yvat – violet
15 tremor – give us 2 min. to toast your brain
16 orchha – amrit sar


BondageSuizid Recordz – 2004

harsh electronics compilation person tied up bondage

Tracklisting :::

01] tremox = boykott the kulturkampf
(freecore reremix by hagbard celine)
02] betriebsdruck = definition of a new rhythm
03] flutwacht = ahatape
04] tzii = pants frequencies
05] klangphobie = relax and enjoy
06] wipeout = black ice
07] disraptor = sinology v2
08] sound_00 = sector 04
09] myna = sl
10] flutwacht = we are ryders on the storm
11] oc 3 = spalony pies
12] every kid on speed = untitled 10
13] eo ipso = wk3
14] the tleilaxu music machine = brain parasite
15] klangphobie = electric power
16] wipeout = quasar death
17] tremor = wehrkraftzersetzer pt.6


The Last SignalIndependent Opposition / Matt Frantz – 2004

melted compact disc digital deterioration

1. Nectarphonic “Will I (Last Signal Abrupt End edit)”
2. Combination No. 10 “Gutbrain Sound (Condensed edit)”
3. Panayiotis Kokoras “Red Tail”
4. Ole Peterson “Opastion Klagavurn Phen Prosno”
5. Tat-Gun “2 Minutes Of Faith”
6. Horrendous “End Us”
7. Cousin Silas “Untitled Assemblage Of Nine Ambient Soundscapes”
8. Tin R.P. “Untitled”
9. Giuseppe Rapisarda “Countdown. Three, Two, One, Zero.”
10. Satyr Oz “Shattered Cradle Playground/The Last Swirlings”
11. Brian Schorn “Down Arming”
12. Cameron Sears “Apocalypse Bells”
13. Mystified (Thomas Park) “End Of The World”
14. Aaron Butler “Original Soundtrack To The End Of The World” (Dark Audio Dub Mix)
15. brekekekexkoaxkoax “ma’vet o’lam (Asiyah)”
16. Moon “Untitled”
17. Matt Frantz “Oversaturated”
18. Bollwerk 81 “All Means Come To An End”
19. Signalbleed “Without Form”
20. Maggi Payne “Restart”
21. TCHANT “But Inside This World”
22. Dave Cupp “Untitled”
23. The Tleilaxu Music Machine “Cognitive Dissonance” (originally listed as by “Die Bene Tleilax”)
24. Mike Pursley “Golohab”
25. Fridur “dun dot (d.)/eff dot (f.)/end dot (-.)”
26. Brian Schorn “Last Breath/Last Life/Last Happening/Insectoidal/Psycho Skull”
27. James Bohn “Ice 9”
28. Planes Overhead “Overload/Nijmegen”
29. John Salcido “Expired”
30. Mike Hallenbeck “Untitled”
31. Andrew Duke “Wastewind/Overstretch”
32. RP Collier “Untitled Combination of Multiple Tracks”
33. David Nix “Falling Of The World”
34. Mobile (Michael Kidd) “Pralaya”
35. Various Artists “Untitled Combination”
36. Andrew Greene “Salvation”
37. John Salcido “Renewal”


Traditional Robot MusicInfinite Sector – 2002

science robot machine arm factory

1 Mike Verde – Untitled Sketch
2 Claudia – 261.63
3 Mmodule – Monks
4 Neuron-Nest – Nymph
5 Planes Overhead – Desktop DB
6 His Left Hand – Remember The Potala
7 Darph Nader – A Toy Robot
8 Masaru – Fairy Tale
9 TiGG – Ferb = MC2
10 The Tleilaxu Music Machine – Pathworking
11 Kontd – Stellen
12 Spectac – Finger Battery
13 Mobile Sound Unit – Microprogrammed Harlem
14 Swamps Up Nostrils – Mangled Unbelief Dissected Through Spasms Of Life
15 Klao DNA – Synaptic Frequency
16 Neem – Tonkatsu
17 T-woc – Grow (RMX)
18 Mystified – Dock To Dock 2003

Remixes by The Tleilaxu Music Machine : Foot Village, Twin Peaks, Ennio Morricone, Realicide & more

Band/composer – Album/film/show – Track
Year remixed (not necessarily release date)


andras ten swords witchy glitchy dark hollowed out person superimposed over ocean landscape

▲NDRΛSTen of Swords (single)Ten of Swords (The Tleilaxu Music Machine’s Lovely Upheaval mix)



audrey horne flashing neon forest trippy trance

Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks Soundtrack – Audrey’s Dance

The Tleilaxu Music Machine – Audrey’s Trance

(((soundcloud DLs are out, download from

The above image is an animated gif…click on it to view the animation. Or better yet, go view the gif & listen to the track from THIS TUMBLR POST i created for it!! It’ll look much better while you listen!


chi l'ha vista morire film poster hand knife dead bloody woman next to the canal

Ennio Morricone – Chi L’ha Vista Morire (1972 Italian Giallo film) – Theme

The Tleilaxu Music Machine – I Saw Her Die


amir coyle la finale angel fluff

Amir Coyle – La Finale – La Finale (TTMM’s Gloomy Getaway mix)

In this remix I sampled & recontextualized pieces of the entire album, as opposed to just one song from it.


los angeles lottery league pool balls logo

This is a remix / medley of 12 different bands into one 3:15 track and it gets its own page to describe the context and concept ::: The L.A. Lottery League 2011 Mushup


th' mole dead unicorn baseball bat chrome kids logo

Th’ MoleBeating a Dead UnicornI Love Unicorns (The Tleilaxu Music Machine’s supersick mix)



naked tribal hipsters in the desert dancing missile lightning wizard attack

Foot VillageAnti-Magic – Grace’s Death (cassette version with Fortress of Amplitude)
2009 – This is actually a guest appearance, not a remix. My contribution consisted of spastically editing and sequencing their original drum recordings, so it’s a bit like a brief chaotic remix contained within an actual version of the song.


The MonolatorsDon’t Dance (TTMM’s Flavor of the Week mix)


Crooked Cowboy & the Freshwater Indians – Sally (TTMM’s Gypsy Charm mix)


punx don't get disillusioned anarchy heart fist punch i care because you don't free bastard gabber

RealicideEnduring the Viral Hell Part 2 – I’m Not a Fucking DJ (TTMM’s poser industrial deejayicide mix)


romak & the space pirates vyncent flaw 8-bit dot matrix colorful keyboards space invader

RoMak & the Space Pirates – Never Gonna Say What’s UpI Can’t Find A Place To Park (TTMM’s I Can Haz HHXC mix)


star plant crops field picnic blanket sleeping alice girls

CindergardenThe ULM RemixesSad Eye Doll (Spindlemix by TTMM)


blue tones girl outline powerlines bird tower

AntiquarkSkydancerNuklear Suicide (Blue Mix by TTMM)

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