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Remixes by The Tleilaxu Music Machine : Foot Village, Twin Peaks, Ennio Morricone, Realicide & more

Band/composer – Album/film/show – Track
Year remixed (not necessarily release date)


andras ten swords witchy glitchy dark hollowed out person superimposed over ocean landscape

▲NDRΛSTen of Swords (single)Ten of Swords (The Tleilaxu Music Machine’s Lovely Upheaval mix)



audrey horne flashing neon forest trippy trance

Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks Soundtrack – Audrey’s Dance

The Tleilaxu Music Machine – Audrey’s Trance

(((soundcloud DLs are out, download from

The above image is an animated gif…click on it to view the animation. Or better yet, go view the gif & listen to the track from THIS TUMBLR POST i created for it!! It’ll look much better while you listen!


chi l'ha vista morire film poster hand knife dead bloody woman next to the canal

Ennio Morricone – Chi L’ha Vista Morire (1972 Italian Giallo film) – Theme

The Tleilaxu Music Machine – I Saw Her Die


amir coyle la finale angel fluff

Amir Coyle – La Finale – La Finale (TTMM’s Gloomy Getaway mix)

In this remix I sampled & recontextualized pieces of the entire album, as opposed to just one song from it.


los angeles lottery league pool balls logo

This is a remix / medley of 12 different bands into one 3:15 track and it gets its own page to describe the context and concept ::: The L.A. Lottery League 2011 Mushup


th' mole dead unicorn baseball bat chrome kids logo

Th’ MoleBeating a Dead UnicornI Love Unicorns (The Tleilaxu Music Machine’s supersick mix)



naked tribal hipsters in the desert dancing missile lightning wizard attack

Foot VillageAnti-Magic – Grace’s Death (cassette version with Fortress of Amplitude)
2009 – This is actually a guest appearance, not a remix. My contribution consisted of spastically editing and sequencing their original drum recordings, so it’s a bit like a brief chaotic remix contained within an actual version of the song.


The MonolatorsDon’t Dance (TTMM’s Flavor of the Week mix)


Crooked Cowboy & the Freshwater Indians – Sally (TTMM’s Gypsy Charm mix)


punx don't get disillusioned anarchy heart fist punch i care because you don't free bastard gabber

RealicideEnduring the Viral Hell Part 2 – I’m Not a Fucking DJ (TTMM’s poser industrial deejayicide mix)


romak & the space pirates vyncent flaw 8-bit dot matrix colorful keyboards space invader

RoMak & the Space Pirates – Never Gonna Say What’s UpI Can’t Find A Place To Park (TTMM’s I Can Haz HHXC mix)


star plant crops field picnic blanket sleeping alice girls

CindergardenThe ULM RemixesSad Eye Doll (Spindlemix by TTMM)


blue tones girl outline powerlines bird tower

AntiquarkSkydancerNuklear Suicide (Blue Mix by TTMM)

L.A. Lottery League 2011 Mushup

Los Angeles Lottery League 2011

::: MARCH 2011 :::

The L.A. Lottery League (LALL) is a new music project which functions by mixing up a bunch of musicians from numerous bands in the scene, and forming new groups with members that had never before collaborated–click the link for a more in depth explanation of history and process. 12 new bands were created, all of which debuted at the LALL show which occurred February 26th, 2011.

Sean Carnage had the idea to create a sort of remix / medley out of all the bands combined, a concept derived from the early 80s brief disco pop sensation Stars on 45, as well as a humorous parody of the dance medley format called “Classical Mudley” by Portsmouth Sinfonia.

I thought it was a great idea, and using the above as inspiration I cut a piece from each band and mushed them up into a single 3 minute 15 second long track. Half of the bands had provided studio recordings, the other half I sampled straight from youtube footage of the bands performing. The result is a fun, wacky vision of what is perhaps a strange underlying realm of creative possibility within a certain segment of the DIY band scene in LA.

In order of appearance in the mushup :::

1. lottery curse
2. P.O.P
3. midieval babes
4. bro hammer
5. big whuddups
6. no no jammers
7. fooly cooly
8. first you were there, now you are here
9. purebreeds don’t bite [simultaneous]
10. double double [simultaneous]
11. magii
12. fubbx+fn

Visit SEANCARNAGE.COM to hear more from each of the bands.

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