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“Dr. Moll Program” — Revolutionary Health and Nutritional Advice from the Industry’s Leading Expert

Dr. Moll Program zine cover - revolutionary health & nutritional advice

“Dr. Moll Program” is an intentionally humorous derangement of a pop weight loss and anti-aging booklet constructed by hijacking and re-presenting the original content. The text is readily accessible for all levels of readers, and packed from cover to cover with valuable insights and nutritional advice derived from the extensive experience of the mysterious Dr. Moll. As stated on the back cover, “THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE”. You don’t have forever so you’d best start learning immediately.

Created by D. Bene Tleilax some years ago while working at a corporate drugstore, it is now in print as a 32 page b/w quarter-page photocopied zine, the first release of Tleilaxucore Publishing.

$2.00 (includes shipping).

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