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Devil Fodder

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you had your treats
that time is past
now you’re getting the
tricks at last!

logix conclusion
self-blinded wretch
prepare your soul
for the tortures of flesh!

your filthy corpse
is devil fodder
your putrid brain
is devil fodder

your stinking guts
are devil fodder
your rotted mind
is devil fodder

disgusting waste
perfect maggot, you are…

Reproduction as Resource Management & Brainwashed Goodwill — The Indistinguishable Lyrics

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Reproduxion as Resource Management; Brainwashed Goodwill


what is the obsession with breeding
when the focus is not teaching but indoctrination
there is no need for more humans
but if there are more should not they at least be sent on an interesting path
rather than forced into a specific route?

if in your mind the best a child can do
is listen to everything you say
and follow your ways exactly
are you just using reproduxion as resource management?


no way to break through the fundamental lack of conception
which appears once the supertech struxure has been adopted
as a form of protection against thought for one’s self

the weakling self needs these structures to avoid the responsibility
that might be introduced into the system
if it is making decisions based on its own calculations and conclusions

this would not be such an issue were it not involving
impositions into the lives of others in order to attempt
an absorption into the super-struxure of command it adopted for its own well-being

it is an unfortunate fact that
–though that self may think it is helping others live better–
brainwashed goodwill does not create good with its will

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