The Tleilaxu Music Machine

LA Weekly feature on TTMM & (Indie) Gabber / Rave hardcore

LA Weekly – June 18th, 2008 : Gabber Gabber Hey! – Subgenre Resurfaces in LA
by Liz Ohanesian

“A set from the Tleilaxu Music Machine begins as many electronic performances do, with a boy and his laptop working together to create the midtempo electro dance sound of now. But within a few minutes, D. Bene Tleilax will shift gears, drastically increasing the tempo until it reaches a point where the groove disappears and is replaced by the repetitive pound of a distorted kick drum. He will find the zone here, when dancing in the conventional sense becomes impossible, and the 25-year-old from Orange County will begin to bounce frantically, his dreadlocked hair flying in his face while his bracelet-covered arms punch air. The crowd feeds off of this, moving more like a mosh pit than a dance floor, coming close to imitating a scene from a rave in the 1990s, when techno aggression morphed into what became known as hardcore, or gabber……” (continued on website)

Also included in the article are Eustachian, Sean Carnage, and Jonathan Snipes of Captain Ahab.

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