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THE TLEILAXU MUSIC MACHINE (TTMM) is a multifaceted solo electronic music project by D. Bene Tleilax which reaches across many genres and aesthetics. TTMM participates in many different scenes and performs at numerous types of events from raves, indie/punk/metal shows, birthday parties, or wherever people who like to engage with music gather. TTMM has performed at events with electronic acts such as Baseck, Somatic Responses, Richard Devine, Drumcell, Duran Duran Duran, Xanopticon, Hecate, Surachai, Jimmy Edgar, Captain Ahab, and bands such as Foot Village, Babyland, No Age, Paul Roessler (of The Screamers), and literally a bazillion other performers. The music which is currently available online is an incomplete representation of the entire repertoire at TTMM’s disposal, as many tracks and styles are heard only during live performances and only then at particular events they may be suited to. Some keywords of musical styles are ::: grindcore, noise, IDM, techno, braindance, breakcore, dubstep, electro, speedcore, hardcore, among many others, all with a Tleilaxian experimental twist. TTMM also performs laptop DJ sets and is interested in just about every genre for this purpose, whatever works best with the event!

For booking or other inquiries contact me thru various social networks or by emailing tleilax0r[at]gmail[dot]com


Sign the “guestbook” by posting a comment on this page… feel free to share whatever you’re involved in, as I’m always interested to check new things out. T A T A ! ! !

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I love it all and look forward to your future projects.

Comment by Disastranaut

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