The Tleilaxu Music Machine

The Tleilaxu Music Machine ::: Preliminary Forays into Electroneology (TLEILAXUCORE 2012)

black and white trippy doodles plants strange stick figure creature with backpack pointing spirals plus signs flowers

released Feb 29, 2012 by TLEILAXUCORE

Available for free / donation at Bandcamp. The original files uploaded are 24bit / 96000hz wavs. The compression used by bandcamp for the streaming audio quite noticeably lessens the sound quality & makes the volume go all crazy… downloading is highly recommended. For better streaming quality visit this album’s page on & then go to the individual track pages for full length streams :::

Watch the video for “No Yeah Like” by Circuit 5 Visuals :::

The latest study to be published in the prestigious Scientificultural Journal of Tleilaxucore!!


This release is an eclectic presentation of music approached with the explicit goal of pushing the science of electronic music in novel, unusual, and perhaps unpredictable directions—a science hereby defined in this context as “electroneology”. A massive variety of influence is alluded to in this work; the research stems from and includes reformulations of both familiar and obscure aesthetics, making the results generally accessible and informative to those aware of any number of components which constitute the wide field of party electronix. Much like rational molecular design, the interfaces which bind to the listener have been modified and rearranged for augmented psychological and physiological effects. Naturally, due to the unique meta/physical composition of each individual, there will be variance in how it impacts users’ neurological and asomatous systems. Detailed experiential feedback from participants is encouraged as well as commentary and constructive critique from peers similarly involved in this arena of study.


1. Different Levels
2. Adaptability Quotient
3. You’re Square
4. Diabolically Philosophical
5. My Little Houseboat
6. No Yeah Like
7. Hollywood Lovefest
8. Purposeful Realization
9. Haunted Dreams
10. Sublimation of an Inclination
11. Bluebird Artichoke
12. Estoy Listo (Para Cambiar)
13. Something Magical

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