The Tleilaxu Music Machine

“Tleilaxu’s Garden” – A physical 3d rendering of Tleilaxucore sticker art

The artist Kelsie Gygi used characters found in my sticker art as inspiration and produced her own unique interpretation of what sort of world these creatures might manifest in. The photos are by her as well. Too freakin cool!

tleilaxu's garden by kelsie gygi fishrib flau spiders infinity bug flowers birds nest head eggs

yellow spider beads & ribbon in mouth above nest of head eggs

red winged brown bodied infinity bug

two infinity bugs

spotted mottled head eggs in bird's nest

flower head in flower bed

flau flower with roots & hanging star above

fishrib skeletal worm creature

tleilaxu's garden stone nameplate

Here is her materials list :::

paper mache
modeling clay
birds nest
fake pearls
craft paper
acrylic paint
fake flowers
TONS of superglue

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I really like this.

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