The Tleilaxu Music Machine

Demon-rasta undead dread dude making hard-edged dance grooves – D+E+C article/review in The Stranger

Jason Baxter (also of Universal Studios Florida aka USF), writing about Diamond Eyed Coyote for Seattle’s weekly paper The Stranger, had some interesting tidbits to contribute to my ongoing sociological study in diverse reactions to cultural experiments:

I saw The Tleilaxu Music Machine perform at the Smell in LA over a year ago, and it was kind of a trip. Dude has that demon-Rasta Rob Zombie undead/dread look going on, and his hard-edged dance grooves are pretty fun in their own way, as if Zombie had drunkenly crashed his “Dragula” into a club with some actual taste. In TTMM’s music, the guttural snarls and howls of ‘90s dreck genres like nü-metal are transposed over frenetic house beats—a little jukey, a little janky, totally freaky-deaky.

Check out the whole article.

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