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Reviews of “A Flow of Code” from the 2003 German release by Minor Label

Reviews of the 2003 German release of A Flow of Code by MINOR (minor009) :::

From Empty #11 (July, 2004), a French print zine (now archived online) put out by BurningEmptyness Inc.

The tleilaxu music machine-minor-CDR-machine sewn envelope: great!

I think we have to create a new genre: ‘stuttering glitch industrial’ where we could pigeonhole Groxyo and The Tleilaxu music machine. Saying his tracks are ultra-complicated anti-structured pieces of work gives just a remote idea of the hundreds ideas he puts in his little minutes tracks. Keep an eye on this.

From Rigodon #4 (March, 2006), a print zine from the Netherlands put out by Anima Mal Nata

What we have here? Sort of noisy break collage repetitive loop music. Quite a mouthful but it describes the music well. Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock on acid maybe gives a better understanding what to expect. Compared with R & G the Tleilaxu [!] Music Machine is less sophisticated. Sometimes the music gets really noisy and harsh. But they sure make good music. A release worth checking out.

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