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L.A. Lottery League 2011 Mushup

Los Angeles Lottery League 2011

::: MARCH 2011 :::

The L.A. Lottery League (LALL) is a new music project which functions by mixing up a bunch of musicians from numerous bands in the scene, and forming new groups with members that had never before collaborated–click the link for a more in depth explanation of history and process. 12 new bands were created, all of which debuted at the LALL show which occurred February 26th, 2011.

Sean Carnage had the idea to create a sort of remix / medley out of all the bands combined, a concept derived from the early 80s brief disco pop sensation Stars on 45, as well as a humorous parody of the dance medley format called “Classical Mudley” by Portsmouth Sinfonia.

I thought it was a great idea, and using the above as inspiration I cut a piece from each band and mushed them up into a single 3 minute 15 second long track. Half of the bands had provided studio recordings, the other half I sampled straight from youtube footage of the bands performing. The result is a fun, wacky vision of what is perhaps a strange underlying realm of creative possibility within a certain segment of the DIY band scene in LA.

In order of appearance in the mushup :::

1. lottery curse
2. P.O.P
3. midieval babes
4. bro hammer
5. big whuddups
6. no no jammers
7. fooly cooly
8. first you were there, now you are here
9. purebreeds don’t bite [simultaneous]
10. double double [simultaneous]
11. magii
12. fubbx+fn

Visit SEANCARNAGE.COM to hear more from each of the bands.

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